Revisiting MENA’s Largest Video Billboard Featuring Infiniti

Earlier this year, Arabian Automobiles Company, the exclusive dealer for Infiniti in the region, had unveiled Middle East & North Africa (MENA)’s largest video billboard, reasserting the role that content plays in connecting with consumers.

In a recently released film detailing the making of the video billboard, Salah Yamout, Director of Sales & Marketing at Arabian Automobiles, explains that Arabian Automobiles did not want to take the traditional route for launching the new Infiniti model. The solution presented in the form of a video billboard, featuring Guinness World Record Holder and hip-hop dancer, Christopher Frostyle and fitness enthusiast Reyhana Harper.

For Mr Yamout, the objective was to offer personalized, customer experience. He also was vocal on creating a piece of content that could go viral while telling the story differently

Markettiers4DC MENA worked with Infiniti to film the making, which showcases Frostyle and Harper as they talk about their involvement and what inspired them to be part of the largest video billboard in the region.

It took 30 days and 50 people to achieve the feat of assembling the billboard. Spanning across 1600 square metres of digital canvas, the billboard comes close to the world’s biggest digital billboard in Times Square, New York, which spreads across over 25,000 square feet of digital display.

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