This du Campaign Will Send Chills Down Your Spine

du has embarked on a campaign, #PostWisely, that inspires the online community in the UAE to think before they post.

A study conducted by du, in light of the campaign, found that of the 75 percent of respondents who have been befriended or followed on social media by people they don’t normally interact with, nearly half (49 percent) accepted 50 percent or more of these unfamiliar requests, which is a rather concerning figure.

du produced a series of hard hitting Public Service Announcement (PSA) videos that provides a glimpse into the danger lurking on the internet, as well as survey results detailing UAE social media users’ relationship with the internet.

“Our aim today is to sensitize audiences about sharing the information that could be detrimental, not only to their lives, but also to their families and well-being. As a responsible business, we saw an opportunity to address this issue head on, as it has been growing in leaps and bounds, and will continue to manifest itself – unless we do something about it,” said Hala Badri, Executive Vice President, Brand and Communications, du.

“Today we are launching our first Public Service Advertisement Campaign #PostWisely, because we at du believe that it is possible to create a culture of responsible posting and reduce the number of cybercrime incidents through education, collaboration and sharing,” Ms Badri added.

#PostWisely is an initiative aimed at protecting every single resident in the UAE from the threat of cybercrime. In addition to alerting people to the unseen dangers, du is providing a platform for dialogue to take place, and sharing handy tips that prevent residents being vulnerable and encouraging common sense to ensure that ‘sharing’ does not become ‘over sharing’.

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