Mindshare, POSSIBLE Form Global Content Partnership


In an era of fragmentation, digital agency Possible and GroupM’s media agency Mindshare have chosen to go in an interesting direction. They have partnered to create Content+ that will generate real-time micro-content to help marketers win consumers.

This means their clients will not have to coordinate between the digital and creative team. Instead in the next meeting, the tech guys, the creative guys will be in the same ‘war room’ as the media person.

According to the company officials, this idea to merge creativity with technology came up at the recently held Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity. Possible didn’t have the tech expertise it needed and creative agencies across the globe choosing awards over client satisfaction was frustrating Mindshare. Realizing that the weakness of one was the strength of other, the two decided to come together to form Content+ and are already in conversation with clients worldwide.

“Mindshare has deep relationships and experience working with publishers and emerging technology platforms to identify truly unique opportunities for their clients. Content+ will allow both Possible and Mindshare to collaborate and harness real-time data with storytelling and content creation when it’s most relevant and likely to be consumed by consumers. Ultimately it is about marketers seeing rapid results that impact their business and brands,” said Shane Atchison, Global CEO of Possible.

While the core objectives will remain the same, Content+ will adapt to regions as per the dynamics of their respective markets.

Besides Mindshare, GroupM agency Maxus too is trying to build capabilities on similar partnerships. Omnicom’s RAPP too is looking into the feasibility of content relationships. All with the aim of making (unhappy) clients happy.

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