93% Millennials Visit YouTube

Facebook might be the number one platform for all the generations when it comes to membership, but for visitation rates YouTube leapfrogs into top position — the result of many YouTube visitors either not being logged into their accounts, or not being members in the… Read More

8 In 10 Olympics Fans Visit Facebook

Hoping to capitalize on what has been called “the most social” Olympics ever, broadcasters has partnered with major social networks to drive up engagement. Global Web Index data shows that these social networks have significant reach among the Olympic audience. Facebook tops the table for… Read More

MEC Wavemaker & The Maggi Diaries

As agencies help more brands turn publishers, YouTube seeks to acknowledge their thought process and skill. The YouTube Brand Partner Program developed a YouTube Certification for advertising agencies. MEC is among the early adopters, and a success story to share already comes in ‘MAGGI Diaries’. “The… Read More